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Talin No. 12 Topping Unit Project - Kaohsiung, Taiwan - Case Study


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Project Summary

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In 1976, the Talin Refinery in Kaohsiung, Taiwan built a nine-circuit crude oil topping plant. Forty years later, this plant is obsolete, with a capacity of only 100,000 barrels per stream day (BPSD). Talin Refinery retained CPC Corporation, to engineer a new topping plant with a higher capacity that would also improve energy efficiency, company competitiveness, and profitability.

CPC Corporation is designing and planning to build a new USD 640 million 12-unit topping plant. The plant will have the capacity to treat 150,000 BPSD of crude oil and 50,000 BPSD of condensate oil. The team used Bentley applications to create a 3D model of the plant that facilitated cooperation among all disciplines and stakeholders. The collaboration platform made the project easier to manage throughout project changes, internal review processes, and the handover to the client.

Bentley’s integrated applications reduced document review time by 30 percent and search time by 40 percent, shortening data handover from months to weeks. The applications allowed the project team to manage over 10,000 correspondences and 18,000 technical documents, including P&IDs, construction drawings, datasheets, and vendor drawings. This improvement in management helped keep the project on schedule, saving time and costs. When completed, the plant will maximize heat recycle and reduce energy consumption by using the latest technology. It will significantly reduce hazardous emissions and comply with government regulations, positively impacting the local community and the environment.

The project team used OpenPlant for the 3D modeling and design of the plant. ProjectWise helped the team create a collaborative platform for information sharing, data storage, and configuration and project management throughout handover and lifecycle operations and maintenance. ProjectWise also allowed the team to manage plant components and all project documents in a single, secure repository.

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