Talisman - produced water treatment to <30 ppm


Courtesy of CETCO Energy Services

Client: Talisman Buchan Alpha - UK

Following successful trial work, CETCO supplied a single 48” CrudeSep® vessel skid to treat produced water for discharge overboard. Talisman then purchased a second 48” CrudeSep vessel skid to further reduce its overboard oil in water discharges in line with regulations.

CETCO’s CrudeSep system treated approximately 12,000 bbls/d of produced water on the Buchan Alpha ensuring produced water discharged overboard had an oil in water concentration of < 30 ppm.

CrudeSep is a vertical, cyclonic, four phase separator incorporating gravity oil separation, enhanced by induced gas flotation and cyclonic motion. This creates centrifugal forces which separates fluids of dissimilar specific gravities.

CETCO Oilfield Services are specialists in cost-effective environmental systems; its CrudeSep® and CrudeSorb® media have been specifically designed to treat produced water.

Both technologies have been proven to significantly reduce dispersed and dissolved hydrocarbons and can be used independently or together in achieving overboard discharge requirements.

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