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Courtesy of Sweed Machinery, Inc.

Scrap dealers don’t want to pick up a bunch of unmanageable scrap that they have to haul back to their yard and try to separate. They would much rather pick up neat, sorted and compacted scrap. Metal recyclers all over the U.S. and abroad use Sweed equipment in their scrap yards, but if a scrap dealer installs a Sweed chopper in their client’s plant, the dealer can increase the volume of his business without having to expand his own yard. It’s more efficient for recyclers to process scrap where it’s being generated—at the customer’s location. Sweed works with many scrap dealers who partner with their customers by placing Sweed choppers in their client’s facilities. In return they are creating a valuable, market-ready material without any extra effort. Some scrap dealers offer to finance the chopper for their customer and pay them more for the processed material than they are paying for their unprocessed scrap; then they deduct their customer’s payments for the chopper from the money they give them for the scrap until the machine has been paid for. Other dealers simply buy the machine for their customer because they know the value a Sweed chopper brings to their scrap. Manufacturers increase productivity, efficiency and on-the-job safety with Sweed choppers. Scrap dealers increase their profits by providing Sweed choppers to their clients.

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