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Tana’s shredder treatment doubled the value of recycled material


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The purpose of Tana’s customer’s business is to minimize the amount of waste deposited in landfills, help keeping the environment clean and save non-renewable natural resources. The customer was looking for a shredder that could shred most of the waste fractions they received: industrial and commercial waste, construction and demolition wood, pieces of furniture and different kinds of cables being the most important of them.

Among other waste fractions, the company also receives undersea cable. It is valuable even in small amounts because of the copper wires inside the thick plastic cover. The diameter of the cables is 10-15 cm and the plastic cover is durable and thick. The customer had not found a feasible solution handle undersea cables among the technologies it had previously tried.

Paid for itself within the first three months of operation

Due to the way the Tana Shark shreds material and the enormous torque the machine has, it is able to shred very abrasive and tough materials that other machines cannot. Undersea cable is a good example of this.

“At the time when the demonstration was made the market price for waste undersea cable was about 2 euros per kilo. After a simple process where the plastic and the copper are separated and the copper is made 100% clean, the market price went up to 4,60 euros per kilo. In other words, the value of the material more than doubled”, says Regional Sales Manager Kari Oksanen from Tana.

Even though the undersea cable received by the customer is only a minor stream in terms of total volume, its value is many times that – once you recover the copper. Shredding the cables is the first and obligatory stage of the handling process, followed by a couple of other stages before the copper is clean enough to be sold further. The separated plastic is naturally as well utilized for other purposes.    

“The Tana Shark is the only feasible solution for handling this kind of material. However, since the customer only receives undersea cables in small quantities, they needed a solution that is also able to handle the major waste flows received on their site. Due to its versatility, the Tana Shark was the best solution and the fact that it can also shred cable is an add-on factor – though economically quite a remarkable one”, Oksanen explains.

“Although the demonstrations already proved Tana Shark’s versatility, the customer has been positively surprised after actually operating the machine. With the sold copper, the machine paid for itself within the first three months of operation.”

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