Tank Rehabilitation and Maintenance Case Study: Ware Shoals, SC - 250,000 Gallon Torus Bottom Elevated Tank


Courtesy of Caldwell Tanks, Inc.

After years of bidding one-time repaint contracts, the Town of Ware Shoals, SC found that their tank was receiving only limited 'maintenance'. The exterior of the tank had been overcoated multiple times, but lead primer below was still present. As the paint thickness built up, the Town discovered that they could no longer continue to add more coats of paint. As a result, the tank exterior would need to be contained, sandblasted to remove all paint and lead, and completely recoated. Unfortunately they were unprepared for the extreme cost associated with this work compared to the overcoating they had used in the past. (Click here to see photo)

Additionally, the Town discovered that their tank interior had never been painted. Had this area been touched up regularly, the coating could have lasted much linger. Unfortunately, the neglect has caused too much damage. In addition to the large cost of painting the exterior, the interior paint system would need to be completely replaced as well.(Click here to see photos)

The tank was also in need of many safety updates to bring it up to current OSHA and AWWA standards. New balcony rails, ladders, vents, manways, and overflow discharge piping were all necessary.

Caldwell was selected by the Town to take over the maintenance of this tank beginning with the initial rehabilitation necessary to bring it back to a maintainable state.

The interior of the tank was blasted in accordance with SSPC SP-10 Near White Metal Blast Cleaning. All interior coatings were removed and replaced with AWWA/NSF approved epoxy lining. The corrosion damaged ladders were replaced with ladders meeting current safety standards. New safety climb devices were installed. The roof seams were sealed with an NSF approved caulk. With proper maintenance this interior paint system will last decades. (Click here to see photo)

The tank exterior was contained using a full shroud in order to keep lead paint isolated to the tank site and to ensure no surrounding property was damaged. After installing the supporting roof rigging (Click here to see photo), the containment system was raised, and work began. (Click here to see photo)

All ladders were removed from the tank, the balcony rails, manways, and vent were cut away as well. New steel parts meeting current safety and sanitary standards were replaced in kind. The tank exterior was then abrasive blast cleaned in accordance with SSPC SP-6 Commercial Blast Cleaning. A new zinc primer was applied to the tank with an epoxy intermediate coating and high performance urethane finish coat to follow.

Upon completion of the 'heavy lifting', Caldwell's talented painters reapplied the Towns beloved catfish logo in time for the spring's Catfish Festival.

Not only was Caldwell able to provide this customer with the tank services they needed, we were able to provide the financing necessary to make this project a reality. With a Caldwell TAP-ON maintenance program in place the town now has contractual assurance that their tank will be kept in a safe, sanitary, and secure state. Perhaps most importantly, this service was delivered at a price they can afford. Additionally, Caldwell was able to build the Town a second new tank to meet their growing demand. We feel this project and this relationship represent what Caldwell hopes to bring to all our current and future customers throughout the United States.

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