Tanker Spill Site in Southeast Iowa


Courtesy of inVentures Technologies Incorporated.

Use of iSOC Technology at Petroleum Tanker Spill in Southeast Iowa

Spill History

  • Tanker truck overturned January 8th, 2001 (Spill of 2200 Gallons of unleaded gasoline in a location in Southeast Iowa)
  • Gasoline spilled into ditch on north side of the town –Spill also entered culvert and flowed 300 feet east to the culvert outlet (see Fig 1)


Remediation History

  • 180 tons of contaminated soil immediately excavated & removed –Jan, 2001
  • Air sparging (AS) & soil vapor extraction (SVE) systems installed in spill area –Jan, 2004 (See Fig 1)
  • 3 iSOC®oxygen curtains installed –Jan, 2004, down-gradient of AS & SVE systems along contaminated plume. Operation started January 23, 2004. (See Fig 1)

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