Tanzanian grass (hay) report on shredding and briquetting tests case study


Courtesy of ASKET

Date: 02.04.2011
Place: ASKET, Biomass Division in Gniewkowie
Tested material: grass from Tanzania, rice husks, grass moisture content 12% 14%
Technology: briquetting set BIOMASSER® SOLO-SET:

  • shredder RK 7,5 kW, screen 15 mm, standard blades
  • briquetting press BIOMASSER® SOLO type BS06


  • Tanzanian grass manual loading into shredder chamber
  • Chopped material moisture content 12% 14%
  • High dusting, having characteristic (exotic) smell, occurred while chopping the grass (hay). Dusting was reduced by closing the air inlet.
  • Textile cover mounted on BIOMASSER® briquetting press container requires often cleaning
  • by shaking it off (beating) in order to remove the particles that block the textile holes.


  • Positive result of briquetting Tanzanian grass is BIOMASSER® technology.
  • Moreover we received good briquettes from Tanzanian grass mixed with rice husks.
  • We suggest to add rice husks in amount 20 dm3 per one hour of continuous briquetting.
  • The good experience of adding rice husks make us think they can be also added to other grass type
  • materials and straw with the same good result.
  • Problem of dusting that occurred while chopping was solved by closing the air inlet.

Results for Tanzanian grass:

  • good quality briquettes from Tanzanian grass with and without rice husks
  • 1 meter of Tanzanian grass briquette weights 2,60 kg
  • Tanzanian grass is 10% lighter than rye straw cereal straw.

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