TB 39: Kirin beer uses liqui-cel for o2 and co2 removal from water in 3 breweries

It is becoming more common that systems operate with less chemical usage for food and beverage applications. People are very aware of environmental considerations when using chemicals and companies are looking for alternatives to chemical usage.

Kirin Beer has been successfully using Liqui-Cel® Membrane Contactors for CO2 and O2 removal in their Okayama, Hokuriku, and Kobe Japan facilities. The contactors successfully prevent corrosion of
pipes that feed the boiler without using high volumes of neutralizing amine chemicals that negatively impact the environment.

Carbon dioxide is formed when water containing dissolved salts like sodium bicarbonate is heated in a boiler. This is illustrated in the diagram below. The carbon dioxide dissolves into condensed water in the pipes; this creates an acidic environment that will attack the inner surface of the pipe. O2 is another known corrosive element in water used to feed the boilers.

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. incorporates Liqui- Cel® Membrane Contactors in their Oxyace® System which they installed to remove the CO2 and O2 in front of the boiler at Kirin Beer to prevent pipe corrosion.

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