TCE Remediation at a Brownfield Site – St. Louis, MO


Courtesy of Regenesis

Site Summary

In June of 1999, the property owner of this former metal container manufacturing facility decided to redevelop the
property into commercial office space. However, environmental assessment revealed impacted soil and
groundwater with TCE and 1,1,1-TCA, as well as their breakdown products (making it clear that some degree of
bioremediation was already occurring). Redevelopment of the property could not proceed until the site remediation
objectives were met. It was determined that excavation and accelerated bioremediation via HRC injection would be
the most cost and performance effective option available to meet the site-specific clean-up objectives. Other
remediation options were considered, including air sparging, soil vapor extraction, and pump and treat, but they
were dismissed as too inefficient, costly and time -consuming. Work was conducted under the Missouri Department
of Natural Resource’s Voluntary Cleanup Program and the Missouri Department of Economic Development’s
Brownfield Program. Brownfield tax credits and financial assistance were awarded, partially because the new
commercial office development could accommodate 350 new employees. Use of HRC at this site quickly met site
remediation objectives and site redevelopment was completed according to schedule.

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