TCE Remediation in Saprolite and Bedrock Aquifers


Courtesy of Regenesis

Site Summary

Subsurface investigations at this operating manufacturing facility revealed TCE contamination in saprolite and bedrock aquifers. The complicated site geology created the need for a remedial strategy effective in tight soil and fractured bedrock. Accelerated bioremediation using HRC was selected for a pilot study because its use offered a remedial method that would not interrupt on-going facility operations while effectively degrading contaminants. Unique attributes of this project include initial TCE concentrations in parts per million (ppm), HRC delivery to saprolite and bedrock aquifers, and a long quarterly monitoring program for multiple parameters. In addition, HRC was successful in reducing the high concentrations despite a continual influx of TCE into the treatment areas and HRC longevity was at least 3 years.

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