Technical Bulletin: Multilevel Sampling

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Courtesy of Solinst Canada Ltd.

The topic of this CL:AIRE Technical Bulletin is multilevel sampling systems for characterising contaminated groundwater. Contaminated groundwater can present considerable problems for landowners: it can occur at significant depth, sources of the contamination are not often obvious, it can migrate from one property to another, and groundwater flow directions can be altered due to seasonal variations or by pumping. In order to assess liability associated with contaminated groundwater, land owners must be able to characterise the nature and extent of contamination.

Contaminant migration in aquifer systems can be a complex process, especially in fractured bedrock and both difficult and expensive to characterise. Sampling and monitoring at many different levels in the subsurface from one sampling station location allows the actual or potential pathways for contaminant migration to be identified and monitored. The use of multilevel sampling systems allows landowners to optimise the amount of information they can obtain from their boreholes.

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