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Technical gelatine from chrome tanned shavings

Leather industry is one of the polluting industries due to its generation of huge amounts of liquid and solid wastes; chrome tanned leather waste shavings are the most important of these wastes. From environmental and commercial point of view high added value material (technical gelatine) which having low content of chromium, high bloom strength and high yielding, was produced from chrome tanned leather waste shaving by alkaline hydrolysis (Na2Co3). Different parameters (pH, time of swelling, temperature, extraction time) were studied to examine their effects on gelatine extraction from chrome tanned leather with the required quality. It was found that the optimum conditions to obtain gelatine from chrome shaving leather wastes are pH 9.5, 5 hour extraction at 80°C and one swelling day.

Keywords: chrome shavings, environmental pollution, technical gelatine, leather waste, leather industry, tanned leather, chromium, gelatine extraction

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