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Technical Requirements for Hot Water Balancing Valves


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Key Points for Installation and Use of hot water balancing valve
(1)Recommended to install on the return pipe

The balancing valve can be installed on the return pipe or on the water supply line (only one installation is required in each loop). For a single loop, in order to facilitate balanced debugging, it is recommended to install the balancing valve on the return pipe with a lower water temperature. The balance valve on the main pipe should be installed behind the water supply main pump.
(2)Install as much as possible on the straight pipe section
Since the balance valve has a flow metering function, in order to stabilize the flow before and after flowing through the valve and ensure measurement accuracy, the balance valve should be installed at the straight pipe section as much as possible.
(3)It should not arbitrarily change the balance valve opening
After the pipe network system is installed and equipped with the test conditions, all the balance valves are debugged and set by using special intelligent instruments, and the opening degree of each valve is locked, so that the pipe network can achieve the balance of hydraulic working conditions, achieving energy saving effect and good heating ( Cold) quality. During the normal operation of the pipe network system, the opening of the balancing valve should not be arbitrarily changed, and in particular, the opening locking device should not be changed.
(4)No need to install a stop valve
When repairing a certain loop, the balancing valve on the loop can be closed to the “0” position. At this time, the balancing valve acts as a cut-off valve to intercept the water flow, and then returns to the original locked position after the inspection is completed. Therefore, if a balancing valve is installed, it is no longer necessary to install a shut-off valve.
(5)The system should be re-commissioned when the system adds (or cancels) the loop
When adding (or canceling) a loop in the pipe network system, in addition to increasing (or closing) the corresponding balancing valve, in principle all new balancing valves and balancing valves in the original system loop should be re-commissioned. Tuning (the branch balance valve in the original loop does not have to be re-adjusted) to obtain the best heating (cold) effect and energy saving effect.

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