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Technical Resources for Gas-Phase Air Filtration


Gas-phase air filtration is a highly specialized branch of air filtration with a very short list of reputable and knowledgeable companies manufacturing the dry-scrubbing media, filters, and systems in which they are employed. The list becomes even shorter when considering where to go for the technical resources necessary to specify, design, test, build, install, operate, and maintain the appropriate gas-phase air filtration media, filters, and systems for specific applications.


Purafil is asked every day by engineers, consultants, customers, etc. “Where do I go to learn about gas-phase air filtration and related topics?” We can of course refer them to Purafil’s own large technical library, but sometimes a more “independent” source of information is requested. There are more than a few technical resources on this topic and not surprisingly, Purafil has had a hand in developing several. Some of the more comprehensive resources with which Purafil has helped to develop are listed below. Read More

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