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Technical training school for future welders


Courtesy of Plymovent Group BV

The Technical Training School for Future Welders is a school designed to develop up-to-date skills in Mig and Tig welding.

The Problem:

Limited space, the need to recirculate the air to avoid costly heat loss and equipment flexibility and efficiency were paramount requirements. Three separate work locations (stations) were required and the confined space demanded that the equipment be flexible for at-source capture in small areas.

The Solution:

Three (3) EF-5002 filter units were employed with ten (10) Flex Max arms. As well, to increase performance and energy efficiency, three (3) SA-24/75 and ten (10) S-100 switch assembly units were installed to allow automatic start and stop of each system. Both students and instructors were completely satisfied with the flexibility and performance of the units installed.

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