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Techno-economic evaluation of water pumping windmills in India


An attempt to develop a simple framework for techno-economic evaluation of windmills for irrigation water pumping has been made. The amounts of water delivered by five somewhat different designs of windmill pumps at different locations have been estimated. The unit cost of water delivered and unit cost of useful energy delivered by the windmills have been estimated. The monetary benefits that accrued to the end-user have been quantified in terms of the amount of diesel or electricity saved. The Net Present Value and Benefit-to-Cost Ratio for the investments made in windmill pumps have been estimated. The effect of fuel price escalation on these measures of financial performance has also been evaluated along with the estimation of the break-even prices of fuels likely to be substituted by windmill pumps.

Keywords: windmill pumps, techno-economic evaluation, break-even prices, India, irrigation water pumping, financial performance, wind power, wind energy, renewable energy

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