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Techno-economic modelling of integrated advanced power cycles

Concerns regarding the environmental impacts of power generation have stimulated interest in energy efficient cycles such as the integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) and the integrated gasification humid air turbine (IGHAT) cycle. These advanced power cycles are complex owing to the large number of units involved, interactions among the units, and the presence of streams of diverse compositions and properties. In this paper, techno-economic computer models of IGCC and IGHAT cycles are presented along with some sample results that illustrate the models' capabilities. The models, which were validated using actual data, provide performance predictions, inventories of capital and operating costs, as well as levels of gaseous emissions and solid wastes. While the models are simple enough for use in parametric, sensitivity and optimisation studies, they are responsive to variations in coal characteristics, design and operating conditions, part load operations and financial parameters.

Keywords: IGCC, IGHAT, advanced power cycles, combined cycle, techno-, economic model

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