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Technology acceleration and corporate ergonomic policy

Technology use is best described as 'more and increasing'. The frequency of use is more and increasing. The range of use across diverse platforms is more and increasing. Likewise the attention to the ergonomic challenges presented by this technology acceleration should also be more and increasing. Emerging issues such as 'nomadic workers' and 'blackberry thumb' add to the ergonomic challenge. Ergonomic advances have been significant, yet they have not conquered all of the old problems nor have they anticipated all of the new problems generated by the 'more and increased' technology deployment. This article provides an overview of the ergonomic injuries that have been associated with computer use and then reviews changes in the computing landscape and the work environment that have important ergonomic implications. Based upon this review, it calls for increased organisational commitment to ergonomic policy and concludes with some suggested available resources.

Keywords: ergonomics, ergonomic policy, mobile computing, nomadic work, musculoskeletal injuries, repetitive stress injuries, technology acceleration, risk management, technology deployment, technology use, computer use, information technology

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