Technology Emphasis: Hurricane Help

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Courtesy of Griffin Dewatering Corporation

The past decade has ravaged Florida from its panhandle to the Keys, with five major hurricanes. In 2010, the city of Tallahassee determined that, for several of its master sanitary pump stations, adequate backup pumping capacity was necessary to continue basic services during the types of power outages that the hurricane seasons of previous years had brought. As a result, the city of Tallahassee developed a specification for a pump system to help address its needs. Several major pump manufacturers answered Tallahassee’s call, but when it came to the final review, Griffin Pump & Equipment was chosen to produce the new pump package. A variable-use, non-clog pump was selected to handle the flow and head conditions provided in the specification and to address the solids-handling requirements at the pump station. The stated conditions were an operating point of 5,000 gal per minute (gpm) at 230 ft total dynamic head (TDH).

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