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Technology management and broadband internet regulation: the case of Thailand

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This paper presents a study on developing a new model of broadband internet regulation. It attempts to shed new light on the concepts that could enhance the effectiveness of broadband internet regulation, with particular reference to the principles of technology management. Broadband internet service differs from telephone service in many ways. Governments, however, promote competition in broadband internet service by employing traditional telecommunications regulation of telephone service without adaptations to suit broadband internet characteristics. As there is the trade-off between regulatory methods and the competition is based on an uneven playing field, broadband internet regulation is ineffective in promoting fair competition. Taking various established concepts in technology management, this paper proposes a new model of broadband internet regulation and applies the model in Thailand. The proposed model shows that governments are able to manage the trade-off and create a level playing field by separately regulating internet service and broadband network.

Keywords: technology management, broadband internet regulation, Thailand, web services

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