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Technology roadmapping through intelligence analysis: case of nanotechnology

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Nanotechnology is predicted to create the Sixth Kondratieff period following the 'age of information'. It represents a new revolutionary approach in fundamental research moving from a macrocentric to nanocentric system. Nanotechnology is expected to stimulate one trillion dollars of production involving about two million workers in the next ten to 15 years. More than 40 countries now have specific nanotechnology research funding programs with the common goal of finding greater uses for the emerging technologies and enacting measures to encourage commercialisation. This study uses text mining to uncover trends in nanotechnology and changes in nanotechnology programs and applications since the first distribution of the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) funds in 2001. Top keywords in current nanotechnology research will be analysed to provide insight into the translation of government funding invested in applied research programs to resulting publications and patents. Future work will extend this text mining model to develop an emerging technology roadmap to uncover commercialisation opportunities by using R&D project funding at this lowest level to roll up to the technology and product dimensions.

Keywords: technology roadmapping, technology intelligence, nanotechnology, bibliometrics, patent analysis, text mining, government funding, applied research, publications, patents

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