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Technology verification of marine sanitation device


Courtesy of NovaTec Consultants Inc.

Location: Queen of Saanich Ferry, B.C.

Owner: British Columbia Ferry Services Inc.

Description: The technical verification of the Hydroxyl Systems Inc. CLEANSEATM Model No. BCM-50 was conducted aboard the M/V Queen of Saanich car ferry in British Columbia, Canada for Lloyd,s Register, North America, Inc., using municipal wastewater generated aboard the ferry. The evaluation consisted of eleven days of testing over an eighteen day period. A total of 11 composite influent samples and 82 grab effluent samples were collected and analyzed.

The unit tested was sized to handle an average flow of 2,083 L/hour and a peak flow of 3,125 L/hour. The average flow during the testing period was 2, 987 L/hour and the peak recorded flow was 8,020 L/hour.

Role: Technology verification by US Coast Guard Certified Independent Laboratory.

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