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TelecityGroup - RQ Box technology secures air conditioning via free cooling in a Data Centre exposed to environmental pollution case study

Courtesy of Alpha MOS Environment

The Condorcet Data Centre

  • This next-generation data centre located in northern Paris is managed by TelecityGroup, Europe's leading provider of premium network independent data centres
  • 3,400 sq. meters (36,000 sq. feet) of IT hosting facilities
  • ISO 14001:2004 certifiedCools the technical facilities using direct free cooling in order to help reduce energy consumption. Fresh air is used to cool computer rooms, decreasing the environmental impact which come with traditional air conditioning systems


  • To secure the free cooling air conditioning system in order to ensure that potential pollutants from the outside air do not enter any computer room hosting sensitive devices.

RQ Box solution for odour and gaseous pollutants monitoring, including:

  • Two RQ Box electronic noses: Each analyser, installed in an air intake, controls a cooling device. If excessive pollution is detected, a warning is generated in real time to automatically disable the free cooling system and trigger the traditional air conditioners, which prevents contamination from polluted air.
  • Wireless communications system
  • RQ Net software for data acquisition and display of result