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Temporal Variability of Selected Heavy Metals in Automobile Soils

Studies on seasonal changes of heavy metal concentration in soils provide vital information for best management options at all times. The study investigated temporal variation in concentration of heavy metals in three towns having automobile service centres in Imo State. The study site is characterized by two major seasons in a year. Heavy metals were found in both arable and automobile soils, but more concentrations were recorded on the latter. Mean values of Cd, Cr, Ni, Hg and Pb were 6.2 mg/kg, 4.7 mg/kg 6.5 mg/kg, 0.02 mg/kg and 71.9 mg/kg respectively in the dry season while 2.9 mg/kg Cd, 2.2 mg/kg Cr, 1.9 mg/kg Ni, 0.01 mg/kg Hg and 51.9 mg/kg Pb were recorded during the rainy season of the experimental period. Higher values of heavy metal concentration were found in automobile soils as follows: 18.1 mg/kg Cd, 12.0 mg/kg Cr, 16.3 mg/kg Ni, 4.8 mg/kg Hg and 312.8 mg/kg Pb in rainy season, and 15.1 mg/kg Cd, 8.1 mg/kg Cr, 11.9 mg/kg Ni 2.7 mg/kg Hg and 267.9 mg/kg Pb. However, Cd showed highest variability in arable soils during the dry season (CV=79%) while Hg varied widely in automobile soils in the rainy season (CV=54%).

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