Ten steps to implementing health & safety software


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Our  previous  white  paper  titled:  'Eight  Steps  to  Selecting  Health  &  Safety Software' provided a guide to help you select the best software  solution  to  fit  your  needs.  This  article  takes  the  next  steps:  how  to  ensure a successful implementation of the software.

Even the best software is ineffective when not implemented correctly.  We  have  seen  a  variety  of  procedures  used  to  implement  software.  Some have worked brilliantly, while others resulted in exorbitant costs  and  requirements  never  being  met.  The  purpose  of  the  article  is  to  identify key items that should be addressed during implementation and  to  provide  some  of the  lessons  learned from my  experience  in OHS  software.  We  have  distilled  the  process  down  into  the  following  10  crucial steps:

  1. Assembling the appropriate team.  
  2. Project definition and planning.  
  3. Reporting.  
  4. Codes/initial configuration.  
  5. Integrations.  
  6. Data migration.  
  7. Testing.  
  8. Training.  
  9. Pilot project.  
  10. Rollout. 

The steps commonly overlap one another and may not follow the exact  order  shown.  Some  tasks  are  optional,  though  recommended  to  ensure  the  success  of  the  project.  Consider  your  specific needs and  issues when defining your project plans.

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