Ten top tips to achieve zero liquid discharge production


Courtesy of H2O GmbH

Sustainability is the hot topic of our time. In a world of dwindling natural resources, taking environmental responsibility is absolutely essential. That’s why it is up to companies to take responsibility for operating in a sustainable manner. Modern wastewater processing systems allow industrial companies to re-use their treated wastewater in production. Read the top ten tips for the responsible use of water.

  • Try to avoid generating wastewater. Ask yourself: Are there alternative processes available that do not generate wastewater?
  • Reduce your wastewater volumes. Optimise your production processes in terms of water consumption. The less you use, the less wastewater you generate.
  • Try to use your processed water multiple times. Consider whether you can use slightly impure water for less demanding processes, for example, for washing floors.
  • Identify wastewater streams that contain recyclable materials (such as precious metals). It is often possible to recover these recyclable materials by processing them separately. This allows you to retrieve secondary raw materials.
  • Analyse your various processes. If you have different types of wastewater, consider whether you want to process them together or separately, or in other words, opt for centralised or decentralised wastewater processing.
  • What effects do the chemicals used in the production processes have on wastewater processing? Can I simplify wastewater processing by adapting the chemicals?
  • When selecting the processing method for your wastewater, make sure it is a simple, robust system. It must operate smoothly with varying wastewater compositions.
  • Define the precise quality of the process water you need for your production. This way, the wastewater processing system can be configured efficiently and you process the wastewater in the way you require it for your production.
  • Opt for systems adapted to your individual requirements that can be changed at any time if your production processes change or new processes are added.
  • The desire for zero liquid discharge should always take economic aspects into account.

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