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TenCate Geotube technology for dewatering - case study


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TenCate Geotube technology is used to protect coastlines, restore beaches, reclaim land and to store and filter polluted water. TenCate Geotube is a strong, sustainable method and a cost effective alternative to traditional hydraulic engineering constructions.

The technology has already been used worldwide in more than 2,000 projects. These have involved for example the recovery of coastline, such as on Grand Isle (picture below) after Hurricane Katrina, the cleaning up of lakes in Sweden and rivers like the Canal do Fundão (Brazil) or the dewatering of polluted process water, as at a power generating plant on the East River in Brooklyn (New York).

The intake tunnel for cooling water for this power generating plant on the East River became silted up due to sediment from the river. There was no space for storage, filtering and dewatering the sediment around the power plant and dense building development meant that access to the plant was restricted. Traditional methods proved too slow, too expensive or produced too insignficiant a result. The solution was to use TenCate Geotube technology in combination with biopolymers from Mineral Processing Services (MPS).

TenCate Geotube containers were required for storage, filtering and dewatering. These were divided over two flatboats (each measuring 15 x 43 metres), which were secured next to the power plant and above the intake tunnel. The sediment was removed to a treatment system based on biopolymers and then pumped into the containers. As the slurry dewatered, the filtered water ran into the hold of the flatboats, from where it could be returned to the East River without any further treatment.

The dry constituents from the containers were removed to a waste site in New Jersey. The result of the project exceeded the expectations of the power plant’s owners. TenCate Geotube technology will also be used at a second power plant and the relevant specifications will also be used as the basis for future projects.

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