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Courtesy of Fluidyne Corporation

Burdened with a failing packaged extended aeration system, the Brookeland Freshwater Supply District near Jasper, Texas could not meet the State of Texas effluent discharge requirements. The existing plant also required
extensive service and maintenance to keep the outdated equipment operational. Left with no other choice, the plant needed to be replaced.

The Water District evaluated several different activated sludge processes for their upgrade and determined the Fluidyne ISAM™ - Integrated Surge Anoxic Mix system as the best solution based on overall capital cost,
performance and maintenance.

Fluidyne’s ISAM™ is a revolutionary upgrade in wastewater treatment technology. The ISAM™ includes three different compartments all working together to provide BOD, TSS and nitrogen removal along with sludge reduction in one integrated system. The first compartment is a covered anaerobic tank that removes floatable and settleable solids. The second compartment is a combination anoxic basin/flow equalization basin to buffer peak flows and loads as well as provide an anoxic step for denitrification if required. The third compartment is a sequencing batch reactor.
Sludge that is generated in the process is bled back to the first compartment where it settles out and is thickened and digested anaerobically.

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