Textile Manufacturing


Courtesy of Integrated Engineers Inc.

A textile manufacturer in North Carolina was having a problem with removing color from their waste stream. The plant effluent had 800 color units and the local POTW was threatening to fine the manufacturer based on this discharge. The facility was using alum and a polymer to reduce the color and had continual violations for excess color.

Integrated Engineers was requested to examine the water and recommend a course of treatment. As a first step the water was treated with Floccin D. This treatment reduced the color units from the initial 800 to 50, a reduction of 93.8%.

For further reduction, a post ozonation unit was used. After ozonation the color was reduced to 2 color units, for a total reduction of 98%. The photo below shows the untreated water and the post-flocculated water. After ozonation, the water was colorless.

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