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Thames water case study


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Allowing quick and easy data interrogation
Thames Water is the UK’s largest water and sewerage company, serving 14 million customers across London and the Thames Valley.Every day, Thames Water supplies 2,600 million litres of tap water to 9 million customers across London and the Thames Valley.

Over 400,000 tests per year are carried out to ensure their drinking water meets stringent UK and European standards.They also remove and treat more than 4 billion litres of sewage for an area covering 14 million customers. Of their 350 sewage treatment works, Beckton, in east London, is the largest in Europe. Several of these works also create renewable energy, making Thames Water the biggest generator of ‘green power’ within the M25.

Project Summary
A Rivo client since 2008, Thames Water’s Rivo solution is accessible from 891 locations for 2000 licensed users. They have a comprehensive suite of Rivo modules including Accidents, Checklists, CoSHH, Document Management, DSE Assessments, Training and Contractor management.

Thames Water approached Rivo with a need for a more robust way to manage Risk Assessments although once they saw further modules they began to identify further gaps in data capture, analysis and close outs across their Health and Safety landscape.

Rivo solution
The core suite of standard Rivo reports have been complemented by highly detailed reports, developed specifically for Thames.These ‘single click’ reports have dramatically reduced the administrative burden and associated costs of management reporting in their complex environment.

Thames Water can now quickly and easily interrogate the wealth of data in the system and provide accurate statistical information to management of all levels – drilling down into the minutiae or rolling data up to a summary view. This, in turn, allows Thames Water to appropriately allocate resource and thus reduce risk and cost.

Benefits delivered
Scalability and flexibility are two key features that proven their worth for Thames Water.They were able to focus on their immediate needs secure in the knowledge they could expand their solution to encompass different business process as well as an expanding business, including joint ventures with other water and energy companies.

The structure of Thames Water’s Rivo solution means they can collate and report on data across multiple locations, thus contributing towards ensuring Thames Water remains a cost-efficient stable business that is attractive to existing and prospective customers. In an environment where suppliers are expected to demonstrate a responsible attitude towards risk and employee welfare, the use of Rivo has helped provide evidence for this.

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