The 2011 EBJ Business Achievement Awards


Courtesy of Verisk 3E

3E Company (Carlsbad, CA), for the introduction of several new products and services that address environmental, health, and safety (EHS) product life cycles and supply-chain obligations. New products and services launched in 2011 included the following: 3E Mobile – MSDS, which 3E claims to be the first mobile site to offer instant access to hazardous materials inventories and associated material safety data sheets (MSDSs) via smartphone; the 3E Integrated MSDS Data for MSDgen, which features the integration of 3E’s MSDS management service with its MSDgen MSDS authoring system; and Ariel WebInsight version 7.0, the latest version of 3E’s web-based chemical regulatory compliance reference tool. This version of Ariel includes a new Green Score Analysis module, which provides access to critical information needed to quickly assess the EHS regulatory and sustainability footprint of chemical products and aid in the development and selection of safer and more environmentally friendly ingredients.

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