The 2nd ATP in EuPRINT


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The 2nd ATP starts his application by December 2012, in fact with the update 3.2 SR1 HF1, has been enabled in EuSHEET the part relating to it which allows automatic conversion from the 1st to the 2nd ATP and adaptation in SDS but, it is possible to align the labels in EuPRINT?

2nd ATP a quick reminder:

The application of the 2nd ATP to CLP began on 1 December 2012 and it changes the classification of four substances, and also the methods and criteria for the classification of substances and mixtures in order to update the CLP to the 3rd version of the GHS.
In particular, the application of the 2nd ATP CLP is mandatory from 1 December 2012 for substances and from 1st June 2015 for mixtures.

2nd ATP in EuPRINT:

The management of 2nd ATP in EuPRINT is really fast and easy.
By clicking on the drop-down authority of the country can be set, depending on your needs, the printing of labels in order to bring the classification according to the 1st ATP or according to the 2nd ATP.

2nd ATP: which substances are changed?

There are many requests in assistance on specific substances that have been changed in the 2nd  ATP. 
The substances involved by this update are:

  • All substances classified as sensitizing hazard class now amended with two sub-categories
  • All substances classified as dangerous for the ozone layer, hazard class now become official
  • Four substances changed explicitly with the table below

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