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The 3rd RWHM INT. Conference, Goseong Korea, 20-24 May 2012


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Announcement of the 3rd RWHM Int. Conference

The 3rd IWA Rainwater Harvesting Management International Conference will take place in Gyeongnam, Goseong County, Republic of Korea, from May 20 to 24, 2012.

As a climate change adaptation countermeasure, a new paradigm of watershed rainwater management is gaining interest. From the lessons that Dinosaurs or some ancient civilization extinct, because of the failure of adaptation to climate and environment change, current civilization should learn how to prepare the social system to adapt climate change for sustainable life.

The themes of this conference include the wisdom of old civilization, scientific and engineering aspect of rainwater management, communication and education of rainwater and environment. The final goal of the rainwater management will be making Rain Cities, in which all the stakeholders understand the importance of rainwater and make the social system by regulation to collect and utilize rainwater.

The main theme of the 3th IWA-RWHM Conference has been set as follows:

  • Ancient Wisdom for Rainwater Management
  • Rainwater: Education and Communication
  • Good Examples and Practices of RWHM
  • Science and Technology of RWHM
  • Promotions for Rain Cities
  • Policy and Regulations of Rainwater Management
  • Guidelines for Rainwater Management

We believe that this conference will provide great occasions for experts in Rainwater Harvesting and Management including governments, academics, utilities and industries to gather together for making beneficial presentations and discussions in various fields in a timely manner and actively communicating with the various parties concerned. There will be presentations, poster sessions and workshops.

Through the promotion of RWHM, we expect to realize Rainwater Revolution in the Cities, from Drain City to Rain City for energy and resource saving and as a tool for climate change adaptation.

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