The advantage of CNC Centerless Internal Grinding Machine


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The CNC series centerless grinding machines can be used for infeed grinding and thrufeed grinding to ensure accuracy, high productivity in workpieces Automatic loading and unloading attachment is convenient to operate and reduce cost. The main advantage are as follows´╝Ü

1.The grinding and regulating wheel spindles are made of high quality alloy steel (SNCM-439), and treated through: normalized, tempered, carburized hardening, sub-zero treatment, and then follows the precision grinding process which can greatly enhances spindle life and stability guaranteeing deformation free performance.
2.The unique hydrostatic bearings of the grinding wheel and roller bearing of regulating wheel can reduce the metal friction.
3.The machine base is manufactured from high quality Meehanite cast iron and analyzed by advanced Finite Element Method (FEM).
4.Along with vibration stress release, these outstanding structural features assure high strength, maximum damping capability, and longer service life.
5.Total solution. Automatic grinding process design. Available with roller and ball bearings. Equipped with FANUC color screen, the latest technology in digital control systems.

In short, Centerless grinding is a form of grinding where there is no collet or pair of centers holding the object in place. Instead, there is a regulating wheel positioned on the opposite side of the object to the grinding wheel. And it is much easier to combine with automatic loading procedures than centered grinding; thrufeed grinding, where the regulating wheel is held at a slight angle to the part.

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