The advantage of CNC Internal Grinding Machine of Chuck Type


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The CNC series Chuck internal grinding machine is suitable for inner diameter of workpiece. The efficient and reliable programming of grinding and dressing cycles is suitable for mass production and ensures the precise concentricity on inner diameters. Below is the main advantage of it:

1.Equipped with FANUC colour screen, the latest technology in digital control systems. The table motion is driven by servo motor to ensure high rigidity and precise positioning. X and Z axes have high torque servo motor directly coupled to the class C1 ballscrew.
2.Nimble and precise positioning wheelhead. Multi-function and manual adjustable workhead. Highly rigid machine base with hydrostatic lubrication on guideways on Z axis.
3.High-performance CNC internal grinding machines capable of continuous grinding of multilevel surfaces and external surface grinding, as well as machining of products with an external diameter of up to 350 mm and an internal diameter of up to 170 mm
4.Internal grinding machines combining high precision and high rigidity for superior productivity. Their excellent performance has earned them a large market share in the household appliance and automotive sectors.
5.Medium-size CNC internal grinding machines for machining objects with an internal diameter of up to 250 mm. Ideal for high-precision grinding of delicate machine parts, optical components and die components.

This chuck type we have various models that can meet every work size are lined up. We fill diverse needs in industrial fields, such as automotive and electrical appliance, etc. with wide applicability and ease-of-use.

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