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The Advantages of Proper Data Management

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Published in Pollution Engineering April 2011

Driven by a number of processes, companies increasingly need to collect, manage, and report data. Some of this comes from monitoring carried out by individuals, contractors and analytical laboratories. There have also been many advances in monitoring and logging of data but often the analysis and reporting of data is carried out in Microsoft Excel or similar. This brings a whole range of problems as the data volume grows:

  • How do managers know they are on top of all their monitoring and data collection?
  • How can users easily judge performance and compliance (e.g. with permit threshold)?
  • How can data be shared?
  • How can organisations regularly and efficiently produce their reports for internal or external bodies?
  • How can users view historical trends in data over many years which is spread among a host of different systems?
  • Can users defend their data and audit it?
  • How much time does all this take?
  • How many errors are in the system?

This article covers the need for managing environmental data and discusses the role of specialist tools in help companies to manage their environmental issues, save time and cost, reduce risk and improve relationships with stakeholders. 

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