The Advantages of Using Electric Pressure Washers Over Other Models

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Electric pressure washers are the best cleaning machines for commercial and even residential cleaning tasks. In fact, many professionals and cleaning contractors prefer the use of electric machines when it comes to maintaining homes and offices.

Electric pressure washers have many user-friendly features and are convenient to use for both residential and commercial cleaning jobs. They are quieter than gas powered pressure cleaners, easy to maintain, and completely environmentally friendly because there are no fumes, fuels, or exhaust to deal with.

A powerful electrically operated cleaning machine has the capability to generate water pressure levels up to 8000 psi. The flow rate can be anything between 0.5 GPM to 8 GPM. You must look at the voltage while choosing the right type of machine. Small units can operate at 120V and through a 20 amp outlet but if your cleaning requirements are more frequent and extensive, then it is advisable to choose larger machines. They operate typically at 220V and will require a one or three phase voltage supply.

Electric power wash systems are safer and lighter to use which makes them easier to be carried around for a more extensive cleaning operation. Electricity not only powers the machine but can also be used to heat the water when you have to clean stubborn stains or oil and grease spots. Low flow rates mean greater water efficiency which is a huge advantage given the restrictions on water usage in domestic and industrial cleaning applications.

These machines also ensure a cleaner quality of air because you do not have to deal with irritating smoke and fumes that gas pressure washers emit. These hot water pressure washers are ideal machines for cleaning hotels, hospitals, old age homes, and schools where there is a general intolerance for high sound levels. A high pressure washer used in these areas can efficiently clean sidewalks, parking lots, buildings, and more.

There are many quality high pressure washer machines that operate on electricity available from reputable suppliers. These machines offer pressure levels p to 8000. Hot water pressure washers can heat water up to 210°F or steam temperatures of 330°F. However they can also be used for cold water cleaning. The variety of applications makes these electrically operated hot water pressure washers the perfect cleaning equipment for residential and office cleaning.

There is no denying the fact that gas pressure washers are more powerful and can be used for heavy industrial cleaning applications. However, the latest electric pressure washers have more advanced technology such as automatic shut off features and multiple attachments such as sprayers and extensions. These make it easy to clean a larger surface area without interruption or the need to shift the machine frequently during cleaning operations.

Pressure cleaning machines are preferred today because innovations in science and advancement in technology has made it easy for manufacturers to incorporate features to make cleaning jobs easy, faster, and less cumbersome. Electric pressure washers score over other types because of their efficiency and also because they are easily affordable.


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