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The Aerox®-Microtester …A unique tool!


Courtesy of Aerox B.V.

The smallest version of the Aerox cold plasma injection technology fits in a suitcase.This so called Aerox®-Microtester offers a unique test device to be used by the Aerox-Sales Team to demonstrate the customers the working of the Aerox®-Technology on-site. The demonstration can be carried out within two hours. All what is needed is the smell and an internal odour panel using their noses. The current model Microtester has been used for many years and is due for renewal. The Aerox®-Technology has been been through many developments and it’s time to upgrade the suitcase to. We want to make it lighter so it’s easy to transport to different locations and factories. The standardization of the suitcase has multiple advantages for Aerox; like making it more user-friendly for the Aerox-Team. And it will also allow us to have more suitcases available to be used worldwide.

But how does it currently work?

This is how it works:

  1. First a special nalofane sample bag is to be filled with the smelling exhaust air. 
  2. Secondly this smelly air is treated in the Aerox®-Microtester that is placed in a room without any smell. It can operate on different cold plasma capacities resulting in one or more small sample bags with treated air. 
  3. Finally the odour panel compares the air sample with the treated air, using their noses. It is up to them to conc

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