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The analysis of auto industrial clusters competitiveness in China in the context of economic globalisation

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The paper mainly discusses the impacts of economic and market globalisation on the international competitiveness of China auto industrial clusters through three relative aspects: opening market, FDI effects and global management strategy. With the process of the integration with the whole global value chain, the new value point can be innovated and obtained; the implementation of the FDI strategy will facilitate the technological overflow, improve the geographical outlay of the auto industry clusters, form the international clusters network system so that the innovative capability of the auto industry clusters can be improved greatly; the implementation of the global management will overcome the inherent rigidity of the auto industrial clusters, push the alteration of the life circles of the clusters, reintegrate the value chain of the auto industry production; the global market strategy can extend the market for the product of the clusters and broaden the purchasing channels of the needed raw materials. The research indicates that the reasonable use of the alteration of the industry elements and the vicissitude of the economical geography may promote the development of China auto industry clusters greatly and improve the production efficiency obviously in a not long time.

Keywords: globalisation, automobile industry clusters, competitiveness, opening markets, FDI effects, global management strategy, China, automotive clusters, foreign direct investment, production efficiency

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