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The application of high pressure jetting drilling in Eastern Sichuan

Based on the problem of the low rate of penetration (ROP) of well sections above Xujiahe formation (mainly sandstone and mudstone) in Eastern Sichuan, Southwest of China, this paper discusses the feasibility of a high pressure jetting drilling scheme in this area and analyses its mechanism of increasing ROP. The paper establishes a physical model of borehole flow path at bottom hole and applied the numerical simulation method to simulate the bottom hole flow field under high pressure jetting circumstance. Reasonable hydraulic parameters are recommended after analysing the influence of pump pressure, flow rate and nozzle combination on bottom hole flow field. According to the simulation results, high pressure jetting drilling tests were performed successfully in this area. The statistical results have demonstrated that high pressure jetting drilling could significantly improve the ROP of well sections above Xujiahe formation in Eastern Sichuan. [Received: May 7, 2013; Accepted: October 1, 2013]

Keywords: high pressure jets, jet drilling, rate of penetration, ROP, numerical simulation, bottom hole flow field, pump pressure, flow rate, nozzle combination, oil technology, China, modelling, borehole flow path, hydraulic parameters, oil wells

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