The attitudes of European citizens towards environment


Courtesy of European Commission, Environment DG

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The Directorate General of Environment wished to renew the poll it had commissioned in 2002, related to the attitudes of European citizens towards the environment.

This Special Eurobarometer survey was conducted two years after the adoption by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union of the Sixth Environment
Action Programme of the European Community. This programme should promote the integration of environmental concerns in all Community policies and contribute to the achievement of sustainable development throughout the Community1.

Compared to the survey which was conducted in 2002, the geographical coverage of this new study has been, by definition, enlarged to the 10 new Member States. The questionnaire used for this second wave has been considerably modified. It is nevertheless possible to compare the 2002 and 2004 results for some of the questions.

In this report we have opted to compare the averages before the latest enlargement (EU15) with that obtained in the latest survey, which encompass the results recorded in the 25 Member States.

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