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Although in recent years, China's construction machinery industry has made impressive achievements, but in the era of market economy, 'speed' is no longer the only theme, rapid development is also bound to leap emphasis on 'quality'. Been China's construction machinery industry like many other industries facing many problems, the lack of independent innovation ability, lack of core technology, poor corporate governance, market competition order disorder, has restricted its development. Many experts said that the domestic construction machinery enterprises only strengthen the 'Strength' practice, in order to gain a firm foothold in the international market, and ultimately achieve technological leap from the market 'Breakout war'.

Read the information, the reporter found, released since the middle of last year, the construction machinery industry in the 12th Five-Year Development Plan (hereinafter referred to as the 'Plan') made it clear that the future of engineering machinery to go the road of 'energy-saving.

Specifically, the planning regulations during the 12th Five-Year 'will focus on low-carbon, green, efficient, energy-saving, full swing of the in-depth study of the technology, to strengthen various aspects of the engines, hydraulic systems, transmission components, optoelectronics, information systems reliability study; product structure optimization and lightweight design, the transformation of traditional manufacturing processes and improve the scale of specialized production of materials 5%, and 15% reduction in energy consumption, most of the products emission by the transition to State II national III standard , including noise, vibration, and other indicators have reached the national standard, some of the products reached the international advanced level, the development of the production process emissions basic non-polluting energy saving, emission reduction target. 

In fact, to achieve the target of 'planning', will be essential for the application of automation products. In Mr. Jin Tailing exchange, he also expressed automation products promising applications in the construction machinery industry, folklifts to implement the technology 'breakthrough' automation applications will be essential. '

According to the analysis, along with the construction machinery industry at this stage 'labor shortage' high human costs have begun to restrict the development of China's construction machinery industry, the use of advanced automation technologies and products to reduce energy consumption as construction machinery enterprises must After the road. Future automation companies should focus on the direction of development of the 'intelligent network and high efficiency', in order to enhance the safety, efficiency and energy-saving construction machinery products for the purpose of strengthening the upgrading of the level of automation and control, helping users to achieve energy efficiency goals. Automation products for Transpaleta Eléctrica is most universal product, so the user will be more focused on 'cost-effective' choice, the future development of the industry will move toward the direction of higher professional technical requirements and energy-saving and efficient.

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