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THE BACTAERATOR™ - The Natural Sump Solution

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Cleveland Biotech Ltd, market leaders in environmental biotechnology, have developed a solution-focused product to banish the common problems of sumps and pumping stations called The Bactaerator®.

 Many businesses from pubs to supermarkets, drainage contractors to water companies suffer with maintenance and management issues stemming from the problems caused by sumps, wet wells and pumping stations.

 The problem most commonly encountered is the build-up of organic solid waste within the chamber (notably fat, oil and grease) which can cause damage to the pumps, prevent the float switches from working, all of which can result in floods and expensive repair work to burnt out pumps.

 In fact in extreme circumstances the build-up of fat in a chamber can result in anaerobic conditions developing(where there is no oxygen available). This in turn can lead to the formation of ‘sulphonic acid’ which corrodes any equipment or metal work it comes into contact with.  Other problems can include the creation of smells and septicity in the well and the rising main.

 These problems are expensive to rectify and can result in significant fines being levied against the offending companies.

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