The Bactaerator - the natural sump solution case study


Courtesy of Cleveland Biotech Ltd.

Cleveland Biotech Ltd, market leaders in the field of applied environmental biotechnology, have developed another market leading application system – The Bactaerator.

Sumps, wet wells and pumping stations provide continual problems to all those responsible with managing and maintaining them, from pubs and supermarkets to drainage contractors and water companies.

The problem most commonly encountered is the build-up of organic solid waste within the chamber (notably fat, oil and grease) which can lead to damage to the pumps, prevent the float switches from working, resulting in floods and expensive repair work to burnt out pumps. In extremes the build-up of fat in a chamber can result in anaerobic conditions developing which in turn can lead to the formation of ‘sulphonic acids’ which will corrode any equipment or metal work they come into contact with. Other problems include smells, and septicity in the well and the rising main.

These problems are not only expensive to rectify, but can result in significant fines being levied against the offending parties as a result of damaging floods or offensive odours.

The Bactaerator has been developed to prevent all these problems from occurring. As with all of Cleveland Biotech’s other application systems (GreaseBeta®, FridgeFree, Baccelerator®, Clearinate®) the Bactaerator is based on sound biological principals and has been designed to optimise the remedial effects of bacteria in a specific situation.

The Bactaerator has been designed by microbiologists to dose not only a bespoke bio-fluid and a biological accelerant directly into the sump, but also to vigorously aerate the contents of the chamber. The effectively turns your anaerobic sump chamber into an aerobic bio-reactor. The presence in the chamber of bacteria, specific nutrient compounds and air provides the ideal conditions for the bacteria grow and digest the organic matter building up in the chamber.

The effect of the aeration has the added benefit of ‘blowing-off’ any volatile odour compounds hence removing issues the sump may be having with smells. The aeration also ensures that any effluent pumped from the chamber is highly oxygenated and will therefore reduce issues of septicity. This system could be an alternative to expensive oxygen release compounds.

The system itself has been designed to run 24/7 for up to three months at a time, when it will require a pre-scheduled service visit from one of Cleveland Biotech’s in-house service engineers.

The Bactaerator has been on trial throughout the British Isles over recent months with excellent results. It has demonstrated that cleaning and pump-out requirements are dramatically reduced when in operation, and that problems with fat and odours are all but eliminated.

One comment made during a trial was:

“…they haven't called for a clean since the system was installed. As the previous cleaning interval was quoted as every 6 weeks and it is now 16 weeks since cleaning, it would appear to be having significant benefits.”
Following a total of 6 months trouble free operation of the sump in question (with only one pre-planned pump out) this site had since agreed to buy the unit and continue running it at full cost.

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