The benefits of planned maintenance for waste water odour control systems


This paper summarises ERG’s experience in the first three years of their odour control maintenance framework agreement with Southern Water and ERG’s perceptions of the benefits Southern Water has derived from this agreement.

Key Words
Planned maintenance, odour control, chemical scrubbing, bio‐filters, carbon filters, waste water.

ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd was awarded the first framework odour control maintenance contract to be placed in the UK by Southern Water in the summer of 2004. The contract started on the 1st September 2004 and has now been operating for over 3 years.

The contract was initially to maintain 14 of Southern Water’s most sensitive sites which all have chemical scrubbing as their principal odour control technology. The contract was extended in September 2006 to include a further 80 sites which use other technologies such as biological and dry media treatment.

Southern Water considers employing a specialist framework supplier to manage their odour control maintenance as a success, both in terms of meeting their obligation not to cause a public nuisance and in managing their odour control assets effectively.

This paper outlines the main benefits to Southern Water of using a framework supplier as perceived by ERG. In order to put these benefits in context it is important to understand Southern Water’s odour strategy.

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