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The best alternative to the protection of the UF membranes - Case Study


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Advance solutions to the recirculation of water in swimming pools.

The public swimming pools are continuously used during all the week for many people for making sport, amusement or relax. In these installations, the visual aspect and the sanitary conditions must be guaranteed all the time. In indoor public pools, even with the mandatory previous shower and the use of swimming cap, there are in the water suspended small particles (human hair and other small rests from the skin or bath costume). In case of open-air pools, then also a lot of external dirt like dust, soil, pollen, tree boughs or even insects will fall inside the water surface depending on the wind conditions.

The best solution
In order to maintain an optimum water quality in the whole swimming pool, it is necessary to install a continuous recirculation stream with an adequate water treatment line. The most common solution used is the combination of a physical treatment to the elimination of part of the suspended solids and the addition of chemical products which avoid the growing of organisms. The traditional solution is the use of a sand filter to the elimination of the suspended solids, together with the chlorine injection to reach the required sanitary guarantee. This solution has some problems, so in the new engineering projects for the recirculation of water in swimming pools, it arises an advanced technological solution: The treatment and disinfection of the water using ultrafiltration membranes.

The UF manufacturers recommend the protection of the membranes using a physical barrier which retain all the particles potentially harmful for the capillary hollow fibres. The most common filtration grades are 100-200 micron, depending on the flow direction in the membrane capillaries.

Disc filters are the most suitable technology as UF treatment, due to the high filtration velocity which reduces footprint and thanks to the efficiency in the recovery of the filtration media during the backflush.

Guaranteed quality of water
Thanks to the studied design of AZUD discs, the depth filtration is guaranteed: most of the suspended particles in the water are retained in the three-dimensional grooves of the 100 micron MG discs. The quality of supply water by the AZUD MG filtration means guarantee the total protection of the UF systems placed downstream. The capillary hollow fibres of the ultrafiltration membranes retain, unlike the sand filters, the total number of the suspended particles in the whole volume of water and guarantee so much the physical aspect as the microbiological one.

Patented anti-clogging device
AZUD HELIX SYSTEM is an unique mechanism that avoids the clogging of the filtering media against high solids loads, so it can be used as a single stage of the pre-treatment.

Small Footprint
The small footprint of the system implies it can be installed in the normal room of the swimming pools, with an easy and fast installation.

Energy saving
AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC DLP filtration systems work with a minimum backflush pressure of 1.5bar,
As a conclusion, this technological alternative is highly sustainable in time and implies and fast return of investment (ROI).

For projects with very restrictive water requirements, AZUD has developed a specialized mechanism for backflush with the assistance of compressed air, which improves the efficiency of particles erasing to the drainage and reduces the backflushing time.

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