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The Best Carpet Cleaners For Cleaning Carpets In Commercial Areas


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While there are different models of machines that clean carpets, the description of the best carpet cleaners generally depends on the type of features. What might be considered the best carpet cleaners for one type of business might not suit the requirements of another commercial establishment. Therefore, before deciding on the best carpet cleaners for your business, think about the kind of carpets you clean and how frequently you need to clean them.

Near Total Dirt Elimination
One of the most important decisions regarding the best carpet cleaners for any commercial cleaning business or any other type of business is the amount of dirt carried on the carpet. Some carpets are so dirty that you cannot remove grime from them without using hot water. As a result, you may need to purchase a heated carpet cleaning machine for washing these carpets. Anyhow, it is recommended to use heat while cleaning carpets, unless they are made of natural fibers like wool. Heated carpet cleaners attain temperatures of up to 210 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to high temperatures, these machines have a variety of other features that make carpet cleaning faster and easier. Always take into account the heating time when purchasing any carpet cleaning machine. The best carpet cleaners have heating time of as low as five minutes, owing to their inline heating system.

However, many contractors may prefer non-heated carpet cleaning machines, if they are running on a lower budget and carpets are not too dirty. While hot water is indispensable when cleaning greasy carpets or carpets with stains on them, you can generally clean carpets with cold water if they are not very dirty or if they cannot withstand high temperature. Always use an eco-friendly, effective carpet washing chemical for cleaning carpets. These chemicals are biodegradable and   nontoxic, causing no damage to your health or the carpets.

The vacuum pressure achieved by each carpet cleaner is an indicator of how powerful the suction feature of the carpet cleaner might be. Higher suction power enables carpet cleaners to extract most of the dirt, detergent, and moisture from the carpet. This, in turn, leaves behind a cleaner, drier, carpet.

Time Saving Mechanisms
There are many other criteria that could weigh in on your decision to purchase a particular type of carpet extractor. Many a carpet cleaning equipment feature automatic filling and dumping of water. This is a time saving feature that enhances productivity. Carpet washers from reputed brands come with different wands for efficient cleaning. Some brands offer carpet cleaning equipment with a durable, stainless steel, 12in. for regular carpet cleaning and some a 4 inch wand for cleaning upholstery. The best part is that users do not need to buy two machines for cleaning upholstery and regular carpets, as good brands offer an option to purchase additional wands.

Rug cleaners that incorporate the latest technology use minimal water for carpet washing. This is one feature that is very essential in rug cleaners used by contractors for commercial carpet cleaning. You cannot always be sure about the availability of water when you are operating at different locations. Therefore, it is safer to invest in a low flow carpet extractor. Low flow carpet washers offer a second advantage, which means they speed up carpet drying, lowering drying time from 24 hours to just two hours.

Carpet steam cleaners also offer the advantage of dual temperature. While carpet steam cleaners achieve very high temperatures, they can also use cold water for washing carpets. Therefore, you can switch to using hot water or cold water depending on how dirty the carpet is or how much heat it can withstand. Carpet washers that are used for cleaning carpets on a commercial basis usually have much higher pressure levels than low-end carpet wash machines. This type of a carpet wash equipment may achieve pressure level as high as 500 psi, which is adjustable.

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