The best solution to blocked drains caused by the build up of fat, oil and grease?


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What is the most proactive solution for companies that need to combat the build-up of fat, oil and grease and end the costly problem of clearing blocked drains. 

It is estimated that fat, oil and grease causes approximately 75pc of blocked drains and related floods requiring the need to clear clogged drains. Despite the management of waste streams that can cause blocked drains being taken increasingly more serious by authorities, not everyone is aware of their responsibilities and the consequences of falling foul of the legislation. 

The issue of responsibility regarding blocked drains becomes ‘murky’ if fat is disposed of in drains by a contract caterer or tenant who have no direct accountability for the infrastructure of the building in which they are supplying their services. In these cases it is beholden on the landlords of the site to ensure that responsibility for any clogged drains lies clearly with the tenant/service provider to prevent fat blocked drains. Making it in their interest to ensure that fat, oil and grease does not reach the drainage network and result in the need for clearing blocked drains. 

Water companies follow a strict policy of ‘the polluter pays’, so if a problem that causes a blocked drain can be attributed to a specific source then the proprietor of that establishment can expect at the very least a visit from the local water company which may wish to make further investigations into fat clogged drains. 

To help combat the issue of clogged drains CBio has developed and manufactured a biological grease management system that works as a drain unblocker. The GreaseBeta is the cost effective way to biologically prevent odours and blocked drains caused by fat. 

The GreaseBeta liquid fat digester is an effective drain unblocker and is dispensed via a wall mounted unit. Automatic daily dosing eliminates human error and ensures the optimum level of lipase producing bacteria are maintained in the drain line clearing fat blocked drains. The system avoids frequent emptying of fat traps, disruptions to the kitchen from blocked drains, lost business due to offensive smells, emergency rodding and damage from flooding resulting from clogged drains. Benefits include free running drains; controlled costs; and the satisfaction of using an environmentally friendly response to a pollution problem caused by blocked drains. 

At the heart of the GreaseBeta system is Amnite L100, a liquid, biological product that rapidly degrades fat, oil and grease, converting them into environmentally harmless compounds which act as a drain unblocker. Unlike chemical alternatives, Amnite L100 does not merely 'move' the problem elsewhere, it eliminates it altogether helping prevent the need for clearing clogged drains. It is odourless, does not contain any pathogens and is made from non-toxic ingredients, making it safe to use in a catering environment to help prevent fat clogged drains.

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