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The Best Water Treatment Systems of 2017


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To be properly hydrated, most people need to drink around two liters of water a day. Because we drink so much water, trace amounts of impurities, chemicals, and hard metals can build up in our bodies over time. Water has become the focus of many health-interested individuals in recent years. For businesses that need clean water, like labs or manufacturing companies, keeping water as clean as possible is also important.

Water filtration systems have gotten more sophisticated and effective over time, and promise to keep your water cleaner, whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner. With the following water filters, you can be sure that you are getting water that is filtered of harmful elements and tastes great.

Aquasana Countertop Water Filter

This water treatment system has fixture-free installation. You won’t need to be an expert plumber or filtration specialist to get it up and running. The filter boasts an easy-to-set-up construction. It filters over 60 different contaminants out of drinking water, including chlorine and chloramines. Out of the filters on this list, the Aquasana filter has a much lower price tag to boot. This filter is one that gets the job done.

Athena H2 Water Ionizer

This filtration system is focused on making water ideal for the human body. Water that enters the filter goes through a 13-stage filtration process. The Athena has five different ionization settings that you can choose from to address your individual needs. When water is ionized, the alkaline levels also increase, which studies have suggested could benefit people’s health. If you want to combat unbalanced water, this hard water treatment system that harnesses ionization can help.

Although this system doesn’t come cheap, the customization features and extreme level of filtration will satisfy the toughest customer.

Kohler Aquifer Water Filtration System

This system boasts an exceptionally reasonable price tag. Although the filtration features it has are not top-of-the-line, you’ll have it for years to come without many problems. It’s durable and won’t break the bank, so many people choose this no-frills option to make their lives and filtration easier.

Omnifilter Undersink Water Filtration System

This system goes right under your kitchen sink to filter your drinking and cooking water. Nobody wants a system that’s inconvenient, and this one’s installation and placement are intuitive. For a reasonable price, this filter comes with replacement parts, including an attachment to go on your faucet.

Another positive point is the price, which is reasonable for any family that wants a filter to improve the taste and the overall quality of their tap water.

Cuno Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

This filter is a hard-hitting water filter that’s perfect for commercial purposes. It’s capable of filtering 600 gallons of water per day. The internal membrane is capable of filtering out nearly all traces of minerals that are commonly found in ground water. Although it comes with a hefty price tag, it’s one of the best water treatment systems available for labs, manufacturing operations, or medical facilities that rely on the best technology to keep large volumes of water pure. This system will be overkill for a house, but is a great choice for commercial purposes.

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