The biocarbon pellet

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Courtesy of BioEnergy Conference & Exhibition

Referring to the “notorious graph of increasing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere,” Gerry Kutney said the “bioenergy field for the pulp and paper industry has been important for decades, but the general population has only shown interest recently.”

Kutney demonstrated the key role vegetation plays in the carbon cycle, with a graph showing the annual fluctuation of the total level in the atmosphere from the seasonal growth of biomass. He said that something useful needs to be done with pine beetle kill wood before it decomposes and releases its carbon dioxide.

Kutney quoted MLA John Rustad, from February 20, 2008: “B.C. is considered to be the Saudi Arabia of the world when it comes to the potential for bioenergy.” Energy density is the key, Kutney said, noting that “if you double energy density, you reduce fossil consumption for transport by half.”

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